Courageous Warriors of Kurdistan- The Role of Women

Historically, women have belonged to a certain social class and it has only been just recently when women have been able to take part or have influence over society. It all started out when Women of the Western world became able to participate in having influence over the structure of the society. Oppression of women has been linked to power i.e. (men’s desire for power and control). Consequently, this drive for power has been the reason why throughout history, men have been able to conquer and suppress other groups.

Courageous Warriors of Kurdistan- Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK)

Who are the PKK and what are the significance of their roles in Kurdistan? In my first segment on “Courageous Warriors of Kurdistan”, I covered the topic of Peshmerga. The definition and roles of what it means to be a Peshmerga. In this article, I will cover other sectors of Warriors of Kurdistan. In this section I will be writing about Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK).

Courageous Warriors of Kurdistan – Peshmerga (Pêşmerge)

What does it mean to be a Peshmerga? Who are Peshmergas and what are their roles? Often these questions arise when the term Peshmerga is used. Peshmerga refers to “those who confront death”. If we take apart the term itself, we will come across two words, Pesh and merga . In Kurdish, Pesh carries the meaning “to stand in front of,” and merg(a) as “death”. Therefore, when combined, Peshmerga defines those who confront or face death. They are the Kurdish forces of Kurdistan and have been in existence for the Kurdish Independent movement. This force is considered to be fearless in all aspects of their lives.