Throughout Kurdish history, the Kurds  have been subject to a series of  attacks mostly targeting the core of the people; attacks on culture, religion, language and most of all our very existence.The Kurdish struggle is in continuation as each day a different part of the country is targeted by some radical group. It is has …



Canada Day is just around the corner on July 1, 2015. So what is Canada day and why is it such meaningful and celebrated day across the country. Canada Day is celebrated each year as a way of commemorating the founding of the Canadian Federal Government by the British North America Act of July 1, 1967. Essentially it is the independence day of Canada and it is a national holiday. People all over the country gather and celebrate this day with pride and happiness. It is a day where people are celebrating national pride as this day outlines the unionization of the British colonies both in Upper and Lower Canada. This year, the people of Canada are celebrating 147th year of independence.


Todays article is solely based on one of the busiest and most visited areas in Hawler (Erbil). Although Hawler is well known for its high rise buildings, fancy restaurants, shopping centres and other famous tourist destination, its hard to miss one of the oldest markets in the region, Qaysari Bazaar. This market is located next to Hawler’s main square, opposite to the Citadel (Qala).


Education within the Kurdish Region has been expanding in the recent years and it has been pushing to ensure that students find employment after graduation. The majority of students in the region study within the public universities which is quite largely then private universities and is tuition free. The expectation of student education is higher and universities have been hiring top educators around the world to aid in the process of good quality education.


A perfect place to go spend some time with family and friends is Shaqlawa. The Kurdish city of south Kurdistan is known for its tourist resorts and amazing bazaar which sells Kurdish sweets, nuts, dried fruits, Kurdish natural gum, among many other things. Although those items can be found and bought in any Kurdish city in Kurdistan, Shaqlawa is well known for its traditional sweets and nuts.


This post is on my visits to the refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan which was life changing and it definitely was an emotional experience. I had the pleasure of attending Darashakran Camp near the end of April where I met amazing people who really work day in and out to make sure the refugees who fled ISIS feel some sort of belonging. My whole experience started when I was invited to attend a ceremony that was held for the students of that camp by Ensign International Energy Services-Kurdistan Branch (a Canadian oil and gas company). When the head of HR department Serwa Khelil informed me that the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief was hosting this event, I jumped to seize the opportunity. I could not be more excited to accompany her and her co-worker, and I truly was grateful for the opportunity.


My visit to Kurdistan in spring 2015 has been great. I was able to travel to many historical destinations and really got to experience the Kurdish way of life whether that was through food, culture, fashion or by visiting mountainous regions of the country. I was able to take many photos and videos and I really wanted to capture every moment that I could. Today I will be sharing with you guys photos of a very special place. A place in which I did not know existed until I became a part of my in laws. I was able to visit a mountainous region of Sargali, Kurdistan in Bnary Qandil.