This post is on my visits to the refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan which was life changing and it definitely was an emotional experience. I had the pleasure of attending Darashakran Camp near the end of April where I met amazing people who really work day in and out to make sure the refugees who fled ISIS feel some sort of belonging. My whole experience started when I was invited to attend a ceremony that was held for the students of that camp by Ensign International Energy Services-Kurdistan Branch (a Canadian oil and gas company). When the head of HR department Serwa Khelil informed me that the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief was hosting this event, I jumped to seize the opportunity. I could not be more excited to accompany her and her co-worker, and I truly was grateful for the opportunity.


My visit to Kurdistan in spring 2015 has been great. I was able to travel to many historical destinations and really got to experience the Kurdish way of life whether that was through food, culture, fashion or by visiting mountainous regions of the country. I was able to take many photos and videos and I really wanted to capture every moment that I could. Today I will be sharing with you guys photos of a very special place. A place in which I did not know existed until I became a part of my in laws. I was able to visit a mountainous region of Sargali, Kurdistan in Bnary Qandil.

Raparin: March 5, Celebrating the Kurdish Uprisings

Today is the anniversary of the 1991 uprisings in South Kurdistan which was under the ruling of  its host country Iraq. This uprising led to the establishment of the Kurdish Autonomous Republic (Iraqi Kurdistan). The revolution, or Raparin in Kurdish, began in Ranya city on March 5, 1991, when forced Kurdish militia  were used by …

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Dear readers, as you may have noticed I have been posting and writing about Kurdish issues in Kurdistan and yet I have failed to post anything about Kurdistan's Flag. As I woke up this morning to the first day of March, I realized that I have not written anything about this beautiful symbol that represents me and my people. Globally, each country has a flag and often in every corner you see flags flown high where it is visually seen by everyone who comes across it.