Dear visitors,

This site has been created as a way of communicating and sharing my thoughts and ideas about a wide variety of topics. The main purpose of this Web/Blog is to share my knowledge with the world while learn from everyone else, concurrently.

Reasons as to why I choose “Sarbesti” as my title:

“Sarbesti” is the Kurdish term for Freedom. I have chosen this as my web title because it defines the purpose of sharing what I know and aspire to learn with the world. It entails giving the opportunity for one to speak, act and most importantly, pursue happiness. It is the tool for creating a better world, one through which all thoughts can be shared and respected. I hope to inspire others who have similar stories who hope to connect with others who share the same pain, happiness and excitement about life.  “Serbasti” is my way of connecting with those around me. It is my way of learning and gaining experience which can be passed down.

 Furthermore, I have used “360” together with “Serbesti” because I will be covering a wide range of topics via blog posts, videos, and images. It is another way of looking at the events happening around us and get different views of people in general. I hope to cover everything to the best of my knowledge.

To end this page, I would like to thank Katarina Andriopoulos, a young graphic designer who brought my vision to life with regards to the logo for this website.  She was able to accurately design my logo the way I envisioned it. She incorporated things such as the sun from the Kurdish Flag and its 21 rays which resembles historical culture and religion in Kurdistan’s history.

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