11230854_1163901413626684_8947728499467657341_nAs most of you know on August 1, 2015  the village of Zargali in the Qandil Mountain of the Kurdistan region went under attack by the vicious Turkish strikes. During the early hours of that morning, Turkish jets bombed the civilian’s homes killing at least 9, including women and children. A large number of people faced drastic health issues and hospitalization while some are missing in this crazy mess. The small, close, nit village consisted of roughly 33 homes. Once a place of harmony and unity destroyed to the ground.  Families lost everything including the core essentials. They were left with nothing and no where for them to go. They are currently displaced internally and they do not have the means to sustain a normal life. They have faced hardships such has losses of families, homes and money including everything else that was sentimental. As we ought to know that people in rural areas’ income is based solely on farming/ or their herds, it is more than disheartening to learn that they have none of that left. In addition, these civilians are facing psychological trauma, left empty, and the ZARGALI RELIEF was a way to aid the emptiness by helping them out financially. This relief was started by my husband Aco A. Aco and I to “help Serve the needs of the most vulnerable – particularly women and children, victims of war.”

We decided to inform our family and friends about our cause in hopes that they would want to help the families in need. So we started to spread the word through our circle of friends and colleagues at work. Fortunately, we got great responses. Everyone seemed to want to help and so the process of collecting donations began. With this being said, Aco started to meet with his Kurdish friends in the community to discuss the matter and to get everyone on the same page. Instantly, we started receiving feedback and our friends started to contact us in terms how they can assist. With that being said, Aco worked really hard to ensure that everything was done correctly and made sure that people were comfortable to take part in this great cause. Everyone was extremely helpful and understanding of the cause. Although, everyone donated what they could, most still felt the need to do more. I am proud and thankful to say that with the assistance of all our family and friends here in Canada, we collected $4,500 USD. The money collected was sent directly to Hawler, Kurdistan through Halabja Currency Exchange in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I would like to thank Mr. Saber for taking the initiative of volunteering to make sure the money reaches Kurdistan without any hardship or fees. His assistance has been greatly appreciated. Once it reached Kurdistan, the money was distributed to the families  who have been greatly affected by this drastic tragedy.

On August 26, 2015 an official ceremony was conducted where the mayor of Warte, Kurdistan (barewabarayati Nahyai Warte) and Sherwan Kak Ahmed Zargali took part in distributing the money to the families in a nearby village. Kurdistan TV news attended the small ceremony in the village and captured the speech of the mayor and the distribution of the donations to the people of Zargali. The people of Zargali village expressed their appreciation to those who took part in making this happen and thanked everyone for their kindness. I know that the amount of money collected was not enough and it could never replace what they have lost but our hope was to make a small change in someones life. My prayers are with all those affected by the strikes and I hope that these families will one day find peace.

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