Throughout Kurdish history, the Kurds  have been subject to a series of  attacks mostly targeting the core of the people; attacks on culture, religion, language and most of all our very existence.The Kurdish struggle is in continuation as each day a different part of the country is targeted by some radical group. It is has come to a point where the Kurds have no where to turn to, on one side they are battling ISIS and on the other are being bombarded by Turkey.

On August 1, 2015 the village of Zargali in the Qandil Mountain, in Southern (Bashur) Kurdistan went under attack by the vicious Turkish strikes. During the early hours of that morning, Turkish jets bombed the civilian’s homes killing at least 9, including women and children. More than 20 people were injured and are now facing drastic health issues and hospitalization while some are still missing. The Turkish government claims its target was not civilians but fighters of Kurdistan Worker’ Party (PPK) and claims  their base is located in that village. The truth is that there is no such base in this small village. The fabrication of the situation is absurd and people should be ashamed of passing on such messages. Untruthful messages do no justice to those who were affected by this horrific act.

This small, close, nit village consists of roughly 33 homes. Once a place of harmony and unity now destroyed to the ground.  Families have lost everything including the core essentials. The total families affected by this horrific tragedy are roughly 85 families which include some residents of Bokriskan, who came to assist in rescuing  those in danger. Essentially, they are left with nothing and there is no where for them to go. They are displaced internally and they do not have the means to sustain a normal life. They have faced hardships such has losses of families, homes and money including everything else that was sentimental. As we ought to know that people in rural areas’ income is based solely on farming/ or their herds, it is more than disheartening to learn that they have none of that left.

The lack of attention from Western media is heart breaking as it makes me wonder whether Kurdish lives are not important. It makes me think that people distinguish and weigh the importance of human life. Do Kurdish lives not matter? thats the question I continue to raise each time another horrific tragedy occurs to my people.  The fact that NATO more or less blindly stands by the Turks as they attack the Kurds is not really a surprise to me and the question I raise to them is why? How many more Kurdish children have to die before those in power wake up? Where is NATO’s condemnation of Turkey’s bombing in Zargali?

Overall, it is clear that Turkish air strikes were targeting civilians and for the Turkish government one less Kurd living is good. If the target was towards fighters of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), then such a large number of civilians would not be injured nor would a whole village be destroyed.

I have created a video which shows the village of Zargali in Southern Kurdistan and the struggle of the people due to the Turkish air strikes.  This video is posted on youtube by the title of “THE KURDISH STRUGGLE (ZARGALI MASSACRE).


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