Raparin: March 5, Celebrating the Kurdish Uprisings

Ranya City

Today is the anniversary of the 1991 uprisings in South Kurdistan which was under the ruling of  its host country Iraq. This uprising led to the establishment of the Kurdish Autonomous Republic (Iraqi Kurdistan). The revolution, or Raparin in Kurdish, began in Ranya city on March 5, 1991, when forced Kurdish militia  were used by Saddam Hussein against the Peshmerga rose up against the regime and took control of the city with the help of Peshmerga, other Kurdish political parties and most importantly, the Kurdish people. The Kurds were tired and had enough of living under Saddam’s regime so they proceeded with a revolution that was in the interest of the people (the Kurds). This uprising included political protests and demonstrations which made it clear that the Kurds were not longer going to put up with his harsh treatments and they wanted to be independent from Saddam’s tranny. After a long struggle and battle with Saddam’s regime, South Kurdistan was able to establish an autonomous Kurdish region.

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