Slemani (Sulaymaniyah) City, Kurdistan

The city of Slemani is located in South Kurdistan.  The city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains like Azmar, Goyzha and Gilla Zerda. Not only is the city surrounded by beautiful mountains,  it is well known to Kurds as the “City of Culture” as it has a lot to offer.

The city has attractions  that the whole family can enjoy such as  parks like Archnar and Parki Azadi which is a perfect place if one wants to picnic gather with your loved ones. This being said,  I must say that the biggest park attraction in the city is Chavi land. The park includes restaurants, paint balling, arcades, among many things that the family can enjoy. However, in my opinion the cable cars are the best attraction of the park as people can ride them to  to see the beautiful city from above.

A must see attraction in Slemani is Amna Suraka which is museum in which people can experience and see first hand what the Kurdish people faced during Saddam Hussein’s regime. The museum has sculptures, photos, among many other things that depicts what happened and how the Kurds suffered in the hands of Saddam. What I love about Slemani is the mixture of tradition and modernity in all aspects of life. On one end you have Bazars and on others cafes, restaurants and lounges and I the people are extremely friendly!

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