Courageous Warriors of Kurdistan- Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK)

Who are the PKK and what are the significance of their roles in Kurdistan?

In my first segment on “Courageous Warriors of Kurdistan”, I covered the topic of Peshmerga. The definition and roles of what it means to be a Peshmerga. In this article, I will cover other sectors of Warriors of Kurdistan. In this section I will be writing about Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK). The PKK translates to “Kurdistan Workers Party”. This party was established in the late 1970s in Bakuri (North) Kurdistan by one of the Kurdish icons himself, Abdullah (“Apo”) Öcalan. This party was and is devoted to the creation of an independent Kurdistan. Öcalan or Serko Apo has struggled and devoted most of his life to bring freedom to the people of North Kurdistan from the oppression of the Turkish government and its colonial tactics.

It is evident that the Kurds of North Kurdistan (known to Western World as Eastern Turkey) after the division of the country have undergone a great deal of stress for centuries. The Turkish government has not been very friendly with the Kurdish population as it exploits them in various ways. As a result, the Kurds stood up and are revolting against the government. The PKK are a symbol of “Freedom fighters”, those who fight for the people of the region.  This party with no doubt has been struggling throughout the years as they fight hard for the recognition of their existence and their resistance is amazing.

What does it take to be a Freedom Fighter? In my opinion, not everyone is a fit and can take up the challenge of fighting this struggle for freedom because the fighters deal with extremely difficult conditions. In order to be a fighter, one must be able to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. Essentially, they must be willingly devoted to being a PKK and everything that comes along with it. That being said, one must be willing to be tortured, captured and lives their life through the mountains of Kurdistan. Imagine resisting against one of the biggest armies which is supported by NATO and other organizations. Think about the struggle they may bring. Despite the unequal powers, the PKK has not backed down and they continue to resist.

Furthermore, I would like to turn your attention to how courageous this group really was and still is. At a time when speaking your mother tongue was a big “NO NO”, the PKK were able to resist all the impositions put on them by the Turkish government.  Their strong stand against the Turkish way of life has helped the people of the region to realize that despite any obstacles, together, they are strong. Therefore, if they continue to resist, they cannot be defeated. Despite the Turkish colonialist ways, the people of Kurdistan will be live in a democratic way. The consistency of their efforts proves how badly the Kurds of Northern Kurdistan want an independent state in detached from its host state Turkey.

In contrary, the PKK have not always received the same attention from some outside countries. Although, the PKK’s main purpose of fighting against the Turkish government is due to their strong desire of being free from the oppressions of the Turkish government, they have been perpetrated as a group that performs acts of “terrorism”. It is interesting how such a group is labeled this way yet those oppressors and colonial powers are portrayed as the “good guys”.  I would love to elaborate in this section; however, I do not want to take the attention away from the main purpose of my article. I believe that this section deserves its own article in which I can go into more detail about colonial powers, imperialism and oppression.

Lastly, if we speak about the PKK, it’s important to mention the sectors within it as well. Sectors which have been created from this political party/ fighters are the People’s Defence Units (YPG), the Women’s Defence Units (YPJ) and the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK). All these sectors cover different sections within the Greater Kurdistan and they are ultimately fighting for the same cause, an independent Kurdistan. It is quite apparent that social injustice, marginalization and continued pain and suffering of the citizens of Kurdistan where freedom and misplaced priorities lie in the hands of the oppressor, should become history.  To redress these horrible traits of the perpetrators, this article serves as a vision for Kurdistan as it articulates how Freedom Fighters should be given the opportunity to develop and establish mechanisms that would promote accountability and transparency so as to expose obvious policies which are against humanity and the rule of law at large.

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