Hi everyone! I would like to start my first post by introducing myself to you guys. My name is Rezhin Smail. and I want to tell you a little about me so here it goes!

KURD.KURDISH. KURDISTAN. A Kurd is who I am, that is my identity. Kurdish is my mother tongue and Kurdistan is the land of my ancestors.

I am originally from Hawler (Erbil), Kurdistan and my family migrated to Canada in the late 1990s as a result of civil war.  My educational studies is in interdisciplinary learning with the department of Equity Studies (majoring in Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity), and acquiring my certificate in Refugee and Migration studies. A lot of my views are shaped around social equality and identity.  My studies have played a great deal in my thoughts and views on Kurdish issues and other issues around the world. I am thankful to be educated in a field which is unique in Canada. I have studied the challenging inequalities among people and how we can overcome those experiences, and how we can work towards social justice.

I am very passionate about my identity, people, and land. I take it upon myself to educate myself more about Kurdish identity and the struggle of our people in general. I am a strong believer in the self, the learning of history, life and overcoming obstacles and challenges. For me, education is important because it allows an individual to think outside the box in order to understand ones situation. Also, to think outside the norm at times and to initially  challenge the norm. Ultimately, by creating this blog I hope to put forward certain issues regarding Kurdish people not only to speak about the negative aspects of identity, culture, and life but the positive ones as well.

I am excited to share with you guys this web/blog. I want you to be involved with me. I encourage feedback and disagreement about the topics I share.

 I end this blog with something my father has taught me “ learning is ongoing”, with that note lets learn together!

Bless you all.

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